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Mission Statement

House of Wisdom, a dedicated charity committed to making a profound impact nationally and globally, passionately advocates for the causes that go beyond that of physical welfare. The underlying causes of depleting mental health and breakdown of relationships and societies. House of Wisdom recognises the multifaceted challenges individuals face, so we specialise in providing comprehensive support for those grappling with trauma, addiction, mental and spiritual anxiety, marital problems, burdening trials and depression. Our approach extends beyond mere intervention; we empower individuals through a dynamic array of skilled workshops, transformative retreats, and enlightening courses. Through our multipurpose educational centres spread globally we create immersive environments that foster healing and personal growth, and deliver courses equipping participants with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate life's challenges with confidence and grace. Our ultimate goal is to not only alleviate the immediate burdens of the mental and interpersonal challenges but to cultivate a society of individuals who emerge as leaders of positive change in their communities. House of Wisdom envisions a future where mental and spiritual wellbeing is a universal right, and individuals, armed with skills acquired from our programs, become beacons of peace and inspiration, becoming mentors themselves, shaping a society that thrives on empathy, understanding, and collective resilience.

Ahmad Dabbagh Founder of Muhammadiyah House of Wisdom

Highlights of the Inaugural SOLD OUT House of Wisdom Charity Dinner for World Peace


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